Introducing: Gifteee — a Place for Unique Gift Ideas


Why are you getting this email? Well… a little Intro — Over the years my taste in shopping started to get more and more attention, so I decided to write this blog and talk about the things I buy, find or collect. Many people started following my blog (This Blog) and I got amazing feedback on the ideas. Encouraged by that, I decided to try something new (new to me) and open an online shop (AKA Gifteee) to showcase all these ideas (and more), and give my fans a quick & easy direct link from my shop to buy each gift idea.

Because this is a bit new to me, your feedback is truly important, For example it is very important for me to understand how do you feel about my shop, its user experience, are there categories you are missing (Grandpa Gifts, Anniversary gifts, Sweet 16 gifts and etc…) what kind of themed collections would you like to see there (for example Star Wars gifts, Lawyer Gifts and etc…), The type of items you would like to see, and mainly What you DON’T like about my new site so I can improve it and any other feedback you feel will help.

So please take a moment to check out . Reply to this email and let me know what you think.

A little about me — I LOVE Unique and Unusual things, and as a father to three beautiful and creative kids and a husband to super smart wife, I always tried to challenge their body and minds with different gifts that will amaze them, enrich them, make them laugh or be inspired.



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