The Coolest & Most Unique Light Switches & Cover Plates

I scanned Amazon for the Most Unique and Coolest Light Switches and Cover Plates that you might want to upgrade your home with a smart light switch, to decorate your kids room with a cool and unique light switch cover or for the men out it could be a great gift idea their Man Cave.

Frankenstein Light Switch Plate

Have you ever wanted to be a mad scientist? Now you can at least have light switches like one with this awesome item. The “Frankenstein Paddle Light Switch” fits a standard flip light switch. We supply the parts unpainted, so you can paint these to the color you desire. (SCREWS NOT INCLUDED). The dimensions are 5″ x 3″ x 0.25″ inches. Our plates have been seen all over social media, and featured on sites like ThisIsWhyImBroke. Actor Wil Wheaton even feature them on his website, and Voltaire used these in a webisode! These would make the perfect addition to any room or haunted house. Great for hiding switches in sets. This piece is available thru the Creative Commons Attribution license. DESIGN BY JEFF KERR.

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Motion Sensor Light Switch — On and Off!

Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter a space and off when you leave, making them a convenient way to save energy and add simple automation to your home.

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Arcade Light Switch Plate Cover

These Arcade Button Light Switch Covers by LightCore have a classic arcade game aesthetic that gives you a satisfying sense of nostalgia every time you turn on or off the lights. These push-button wall plates are loved by fans of video games and antique arcade games. They’re great for any room in the house — especially kids’ rooms, playrooms, game rooms, entertainment rooms, etc. The arcade button wall plates are easy to install wherever there is a rocker-style light switch in place. To install, all you need is a flathead screwdriver; everything else is included. Simply remove the existing faceplate and replace it with the arcade button faceplate using the included screws. The screws match the color of the faceplate. Installation instructions are included with each purchase. These arcade button wall plates are designed to cover flat rocker-style light switches (also known as paddle-style light switches). See the reference photo above if you’re not sure what kind of light switch this is. If you have another kind of light switch, you’ll first need to install a rocker-style switch in its place. These light switches are inexpensive at hardware stores and are easy to install. Once the arcade button cover is installed, the two buttons make contact with the upper and lower portions of the rocker switch so that one button turns on the lights, and the other button turns off the lights. The faceplates are available in either black or white. The buttons and button rings are available in a wide variety of colors, including yellow, neon green, blue, red, purple, pink, black, and white. This allows you to choose a color scheme that accents the room. Choose one of the color combinations shown in the product options above or choose custom to pick your own colors. All of these parts are interchangeable for maximum customizability. These fun light switch covers are designed for single (1 gang) rocker-style light switches, but we also make double (2 gang) switch plates.

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Side Lever Single Toggle Switch Plate

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Slide Gear Light Switch Plate

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Lego Light Switch Plate

You have to look at your light switches every day, but usually they’re not very noteworthy. Dull, flat, probably some kind of beige. Designed to cover up the potentially dangerous live electrical wires snaking around inside your walls, but really just there to cover the big ugly hole the electrician cut in the wall. Until now. Turn your light switches into whatever you want with the Build-On Brick Light Switch Plate. Designed for a single toggle switch, these grey plates come in a set of two and give you over 18 square inches of brick-building base plate each to customize to your heart’s desire. Use it like a magnetic poetry kit as a quick and easy creative outlet. If the switch needs to stay on because it controls something important, build an enclosure around the toggle so folks can’t accidentally turn it off. Put a miniature figure on there to encourage your household to turn off the lights. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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Circular Gears Light Switch Plate

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Fire Alarm Light Switch Plate Cover

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Steampunk Single Lever Light Switch Plate

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The Clapper Sound Activated On/Off Switch

The sound activated on/off switch. With clap detection lights. 2 Claps turn on the lamp. 3 Claps turn on the TV. The Clapper can control one or two appliances at the same time. Set the dial to Home or Away. Connect your appliance(s) into The Clapper. Plug The Clapper into any standard wall outlet. Features: Microphone. 2 Clap Outlet — Appliance connected to this outlet will be activated by 2 claps. 3 Clap Outlet — Appliance connected to this outlet will be activated by 3 claps. Indicator Lights — Indicator lights glow when a connected appliance is clapped off. Special Features: Clap Detection Lights — Lights glow in sequence when proper claps are detected. Sound Sensitivity Dial — Adjusts for softer or louder claps. UL Listed. Mfg in China.

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Smart Wall Switch – Works with Alexa

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– Remote Control

This is no ordinary wall switch. Insteon wall switches can be remotely controlled from Insteon devices like sensors, remotes, keypads, and other wall switches throughout your home. Add the Insteon Hub and control from your smartphone or using your voice with Amazon Echo.

– On/Off Switch

Whether you need to control a ceiling fan, fluorescent lighting, or exhaust fan, this 1,800 Watt switch has you covered.

– Scenes+

One of the most powerful features of Insteon switches, Scenes let you control multiple switches simultaneously with a single tap of a button. Switches that are activated in a scene respond all at once, without the popcorn effect other connected home solutions have. This can also be used to create virtual 3-way or multi-way switches anywhere in the home.

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“Manly” Light Switch Cover Plate

Add character to any room with decorative single toggle wall switch cover plate. Full and brillian UV-resistant print-on graphics. Newly upgraded matching screw (not standard white screws). Midway size (3/8″ larger than standard size on all sides) Easy to clean with a damp towel or sponge. Matching wall plates (2-toggle, outlet) also available. Wall plate only, light switch is not included.

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