Horrible Jobs of the Renaissance

This book is part of the series “History’s Most Horrible Jobs” by Louise Spilsbury. The book “Horrible Jobs of the Renaissance” is both fun (thanks to modern times) and educational, as you get to learn about the real life of people during the Renaissance period.

It’s not like reading “booring” history book , it’s closer to a magazine, with very weird, surreal job description and visuals. Something both you and your kids can enjoy.

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During the Renaissance, people were pinned into their clothing, even elaborate gowns. Children often had to work as pin makers, a job that paid only about $1 for each 20,000 pins made! Clearbut grossdescriptions of other horrible jobs of the Renaissance will draw readers into the castles of lords and the dung heaps tended by peasants. The historical content supports the social studies curriculum, while sidebars and colorful images augment some of the strangest, nastiest tasks that needed doing during that time.

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