Diamond Ring Candle Gamble

If you enjoy the occasion gamble and prefer to do it guilt free, the “Diamond Ring Candle” is the prefect thing, as it’s actually a beautiful gift to a loved one (or yourself), with a gambling twist, rapped inside a candle.

The company offers a variety of scented candles for $24.95 and in each of them you’ll be able to find a diamond ring, that is valued between $15 to $5,000!!!


  • Its a diamond ring gift, where can you go wrong…
  • It’s also romantic scented candle.
  • The chances are very low but you can score a $5000 diamond ring.
  • The gambling aspect is fun 🙂


  • The chances are low, but a $100 ring is also cool to find, if…
  • You don’t have the chance to measure the ring before, you can order a ring size, or resize afterwards though.

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