Da Vinci Catapult Kit

I can spend a whole day or even a week admiring Leonardo Da Vinci inventions, the man is one of a kind. One way to appreciate his inventions is by building them, but because i’m not as talented, a kit is just perfect for me, specifically the Da Vinci Catapult.

The Leonardo Da Vinci catapult model is scaled to size and fully functions to demonstrate the launching power of the catapult, a historical military device. The catapult flings soft clay balls up to 15 feet to reproduce a realistic discharge, and is made of wood for durability.

You don’t need to be an expert kit builder or have any tools ready for it at home, it’s simple and fun to build alone, or with others.

Its a very cool looking office desk accessory, but even better, it can be used as an office artillery assault tool…

Get your catapult kit now

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