Universal Construction Kit

If you are anything like me, your kids probably have at least 5 different building sets, (Lego, K’nex and etc…), but using them together for one amazing out of the box project isn’t possible obviously.

Well not anymore! The project by “F.A.T. Lab” — The Free Universal Construction Kit solves this issue. The created a set of adapters (3D printer models) for complete interoperability between 10 popular construction toys.


The Universal Adapter Brick

The Universal Adapter Brick is the way to connect between almost any type of building set and combine several ones together.

The Universal Adapter Brick

The Free Universal Construction Kit

The above “Universal Adapter Brick” might be cool looking but not really practical for real building needs. If you want to combine different building sets, simply use the “Construction Kit”, which include 80 different bricks.

The construction kit will allow you to combine only two type of sets to each other (of any type to any type), it’s elegant and is the right way to do this.

The Free Universal Construction Kit

Check out the project and print your own adapters

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