These are the Coolest Gadgets of 2019

We all love gadgets, especially the ones that are real innovative and that you can actually afford and make your life (or a loved one life) easier and more interesting. No matter whom you are shopping for there is something that we have in store for each one of your favorite people regardless of their tech levels. In order to help you overcome the daunting task of buying the best gadgets as gifts or for personalized use we have a complete list. So, take a look at the best amidst the best and build your Black Friday shopping list…

The list of best gadgets that you can now buy or gift someone

We have hardly stepped into 2019 and the world of technology has started creating tremors all over the world with its top of the line gadgets. Are you ready to go through each of them?

TytoCare – Tyto Home Medical Exam Kit

Get a medical exam from a doctor without making an appointment, driving to the clinic or sitting in a waiting room. With TytoHome, you’ll experience peace of mind instead of debating whether to rush to the emergency room. Use the handheld kit to conduct an exam, then use the app to connect with a trusted physician for an on-demand visit. You’ll get a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription, if needed — all from the comfort of home. Find it here!

Pancake Printer

Have you ever heard something as unbelievable as this? Yes, you can now print your all-time favorite breakfast – pancakes! Choose any design you fancy and add a dollop of the pancake batter in the printer, the end result will be both mouthwatering and sensational. Find it here!

Thermal Imaging Camera For Android

Are you in love with photography? Do you want to take your skills up a notch? All you have to do is get hold of the Thermal Imaging Camera For Android. It is highly compatible with your Android device and makes it possible to capture images that are 1800 ft away from your vision. You end up with a pocket size, versatile, and compatible thermal imager which comes with a handy, waterproof case. Find it here!

Nixie Tubes Clock

The beautiful look of the Nixie Tubes Clock that is built on IN-8-2 gives it an amazing font theme and beautiful look. A wide range of tubes can be assembled on the boards. So, go ahead and write a unique program and enjoy the beauty of a several colors. Find it here!

Voice Recognition Grocery List Organize

Gift your wife the best way to remember what she needs from the supermarket. This incredible product you see right in front of your eyes is cool, fun, and unbelievably high tech. It can recognize the voice of the user. All you have to do is press the button and say the thing that you need. The rest will be taken care of by it. The Grocery List Organizer places each one of your products in two different categories to suit your lifestyle needs. It is the best way to save time, frustration, and money. So, go ahead and add every single thing you need on that list. Find it here!

Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

Your cat deserves to have some fun too, don’t you think? This toy senses every move your cat makes and can you believe that it responds accordingly? You even get to customize it the way you want to suit the needs of your personality. All you have to do is connect the Interactive Robotic Cat Toy with your phone. Find it here!

Control Heated Jacke

Are you always cold no matter how many layers of wool you are wearing? Bring an end to that problem with this jacket that is designed to keep heat under control while keeping you warm at all times. The exterior design of the jacket will ensure that you don’t lose the heat that is produced inside the jacket. You can even adjust the heat in your chest and back with the different heat settings. Isn’t it just WOW? Find it here!

Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock

With this lock you will finally feel safe at your home. It is the best keyless smart lock that comes with code and fingerprint. With great ease the reversible lever fits on either side of a door. You can install it anywhere you want – on the inside or outside and connect it with your phone. Find it here!

Craft Beer Brewing Appliance For Homebrewing

You can finally enjoy the joys of chilled beer down your throat every single time you brew a batch. With great ease it can fit right into your kitchen counter and brew you the style of beer you prefer. It comes with the right balance of hops, fresh grains, and yeast. So, what are you waiting for to brew your favorite mug of beer at home? Find it here

Matter and Form 3D Scanner

The blend of intuitive usability along with superior performance is what makes this high resolution, Matter and Form 3D Scanner one of a kind. The portable, fully assembled, affordable, lightweight, and compact design of the scanner makes it so amazing. Don’t you want to enjoy 3d representations right when you are? Find it here!

HD Underwater Camera Drone With FPV

Take a moment to understand what we are actually talking about here. The product you see right in front of you is an adorable yet amazing mini submarine. It comes with a camera and a ton of other exciting features. Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the world that lies underneath the water surface? Then, this is the product you should choose. Find it here!

Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

From being an incredibly sensible gift to new parents to using it yourself, the Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor is an amazing discovery. It can keep a track of a child’s oxygen levels and heart rate while they are sleeping. You will know throughout the night that your precious one is sleeping just fine. The socks can easily and comfortably wrap around your baby’s tiny foot. Washing it won’t be a concern either. Find it here!

Rocket Skates

It is time to gift your kids the exceptional Rocket Skates as a gift. The R5 Rocket Skates makes every commute way more interesting and fun. There are three different speed settings on it which means you can travel at the desired speed. Cool, isn’t it? Find it here!

Robotic Lawn Mower with Rain Sensor and Safety Shut off

Tired of the everyday troubles of mowing your lawn? Then, why don’t you hand over your daunting task to this lawn mower here. You can enjoy manicured lawns on a daily basis with great ease now. The Robotic Lawn Mower can easily navigate through the narrow passages, precisely cutting through slopes, and the best part is it doesn’t produce any emission of any kind. Find it here!

Chromatic: LED Color Spectrum Clock

How about combining the beauty of time in a mesmerizing yet excellent way in this color spectrum? The multi-color spectrum of the watch is all you need in your room to add some vibrancy. Find it here!

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Contro

Are you too tired of being a muggle all throughout your life? Then, here is a chance to change all of that. You now have the permission to practice magic right at your home, how incredibly awesome is that? This is the best gift for any Harry Potter fanatic including yourself. Don’t miss out the irresistible charm of changing the channels with the flick of your wrist. Find it here!

All New Echo Show – 2nd Gen

How about streaming through books and music in crisp, clear, and stereo quality sound. The amazing design, irresistible 10.1 inches HD screen makes the whole process of watching movies and videos way more fun. You can also make video calls using Echo spot and Alexa app. Find it here!

Wind Gauge for Netatmo Weather Station

Enjoy the ultrasonic technology which can measure wind. It is the first wind gauge that can be used on your smartphone. You can easily measure both the direction and speed of the wind in a revolutionary way. Find it here!

Temperature Control Travel Mug

You now have the chance to control the temperature on your beverages while it is present in your travel mug. Your drink will remain cold or hot, in short, the way you enjoy it. Find it here!

USB Programmable Keypad

Perfect gift for every geek. Anything you would do on a keyboard can be done here. It can be used for lower operator training and maximizing efficiency. Find it here!

Roadie 2 – Automatic Guitar Tuner

From tuning your guitar accurately and quickly to creating your own customized tuning, you can do it all. Roadie 2 will speed up the whole process of tuning your guitar completely. Find it here!

Camera Glasses Video Recording Sport Sunglasses -1080P @ 30fps, 720P @ 60fps, Wide Angle

Time to record high quality videos in 720P @ 60fps. It has wide angle lens that offers clear field of vision. This is the best way of recording sport activities. You will also have a 8GB memory card which expands up to 32GB. Find it here!

Golf Caddie Smart Sensors

You will now know how to precisely use the club in every situation. It will help you strengthen your weaknesses. The Golf Caddie Smart Sensor is fully automatic and hands free. Find it here!

Selfie Pocket Drone

A feature-rich drone is now a pocketsize device to you. Flip the drone and roll it to various angles. This lightweight, foldable, compact drone with forward and backward camera system is best for the selfie lovers. Get this technologically advanced gadget at a reasonable price. Find it here!

MERGE Cube – Augmented Reality STEM Toy

Give fun to your kids, offering them an amusing STEM toy, integrated with AR Technology. Help your children to learn math, anatomy, science and engineering. This small entertaining and educational toy will turn out to be the best buddy to your kids. Find it more!

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Looking for an easily installable, user-friendly smoke alarm for your house? Nest has offered a simple alarm, capable of detecting harmful carbon monoxide gas. Keep your home safe with this white, sophisticated, battery-operated smoke alarm. Get advantage from the smart technology, integrated in this innovative device. Find it here!

Satellite GPS Tracking & Messanger

Never leave your dear ones in a tensed situation. When the cell service is not available, SPOT Gen3 works best as a GPS tracker. While you are on a move, the device keeps on sending updated information. SPOT Gen3 is a good responder during emergency. Find it here!

This was almost the complete list, click on the link to find more gadget gifts that you can buy this year.


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