Unique Gift Ideas Perfect For Dog Lovers

Every dog owner needs to own a certain number of items which make taking care of their fur child much easier. There are certain criteria which depend mostly on the personality of the dog the person has (usually the same personality as the human owner..:). So, if you are planning on gifting a person who loves their dog very much, here are the gift ideas which will help you in selecting the ideal gift for the person.

Dog DNA Test


You can obviously take better care of your dog if you know which breed he is of. This Dog DNA test kit helps in doing the accurate breed identification. It even tests for any diseases that your dog might have. Overall, this kit provides with information with the help of which you can plan out your dog’s healthy life habits. Find it here.

Dog Harness Mount for Camera


If you are wondering about what your dog does when he is not with you, then here is perfect way to find out. This camera fixed to a harness can be put around your dog and it will give you the view of what you dog is seeing right then. It will also give you the idea of where your dog is going. Find it here.

Dog Side My Side Bed Sheets


Don’t you just love it when your dog comes up to you and wants to cuddle with you when sleeping? It is really adorable indeed. Here is the bedsheet that is perfect for your dog because it is made from polyester material and pet hair does not stick on this material. Enjoy a good time together! Find it here.

Automatic Pet Feeder

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What is better than getting a dog owner something which will ease the pet’s feeding routine? Well, the answer is nothing. The PetNet SmartFeeder can be easily connected to a WiFi device and can be controlled from anywhere. It also has an automatic system where the pet’s daily meal time and the portion can be recorded and the feeder system will take care of the rest. Find it here

Boomer Ball


Every dog loves to play ball and the dog owners love to play catch with their dogs too. Here is a ball which is perfectly durable and indestructible dog toy. Your dog will not be able to shred it into pieces and that is what makes this item great.  Find it here

Brick Dog House


A small and cute house for a puppy who is not ready to stay in a big doghouse yet. A light weight and soft quality dog house to make your dog feel comfortable and cosy. Watch your cute little puppy curl up inside this house. Isn’t it a very adorable sight? Find it here

Pet Dog Umbrella with Leash


What happens when it is raining outside, and your dog is restless to go for a walk? You bring out the Dog Umbrella with an attached leash! It is perfect for taking your dog outside. No matter what the weather, this item is suitable for both the sunny days and the rainy days. Also, the transparent material allows you to see your dog while on the walk. Find it here

Custom Pet Socks


You want to know what looks cute? Socks with your dog’s face printed on it! You can get the customised socks with the dog’s face on them. This gift is perfect for almost every occasion be it birthday or anniversary. A dog lover will absolutely adore this gift! Find it here.

Pet Ring


Why miss out on the chance to wear your pet’s face on your hand? You can get these custom-made rings where they put your dog’s face on the charm portion of the ring. Wear it and show off to the world how cute your pet is. Also, you can see them whenever you want, because they are right there on your finger! Find it here.

Did You Feed The Dog?


Ever happened that you forgot to feed your dog one meal and it led to days of guilt? Then here is a solution to that problem. The machine acts like a reminder to feed your dog and keep track of whether the routine has been completed or not. You can mount it anywhere and never forget to feed your fur child! Find it here.

Dog Bone Christmas Stocking


Is it Christmas time already and you have not decided on the gifts yet? Well here is something that is absolutely adorable and anyone who love dogs and has a dog would like to have. Christmas stocking in the shape of a bone with great festive designs on it, a gift which will interest the family as well as the dog! Find it here.

Puppy Two Leg Dress


Imagine how cute your puppy will look in a dress? A dress designed with a comfortable and soft knitting material which will keep your puppy warm and comfortable. This dress has enough room for the puppy to move around and is not restrictive in any way. It’s time to step up the fashion game for your puppy! Find it here.

Wee Wee Dog Grass Patch Tray


Are you trying to train your puppy and make it acquainted with the potty routine? Then here is a perfect way to do it. This mat which looks like a grass patch gives your puppy a natural feel and it will help him get accustomed to the outdoor spots as well. This mat has a quick clean up system as well. Find it here.

Electric Pet Nail Grinder


Every pet has a fear when it comes to getting their nails trimmed. This nail grinder has been designed with a low noise system which will help in making the dog feel at ease. It also comes with three sized ports and you can use them accordingly depending upon the size of your dog’s nail. Find it here. Find it here.

Every Dog: A book of over 450 breeds


Do you want to know more about your dog? This book is the perfect gift for you then. It holds information about more than 450 breeds of dogs. You can get to know all about their origin, their habits, what is good for them and what is not etc. This is the book which will definitely help you in understanding your dog more. Find it here.

Extreme Weather Pet Door


Does your dog like going in and out of the door very often? Here is the solution you can use for that. The Pet Safe Extreme Weather Pet Door solves the problem of having to open the door every time. It gives your pet the freedom to come and go as they wish. This pet door also keep the extremities of the weather outside itself and is energy efficient. Find it here.

Fence Window For Pets


Your pet would also love to get a view for itself. The Pet Peek window helps in keeping your dog’s curiosity satisfied by giving it an outdoor view. It is a clear surfaced durable window and it has a very easy installation process, so that you would be able to do it yourself. Cleaning the window requires no hustle either, you can just spray water and wipe it off. Find it here.

Interactive Ball Launcher


Have you noticed how excited your dog gets just at the name of Ball? Just imagine how happy a ball launcher will make him then! A machine which will absolutely satisfy your dog’s enthusiasm of playing fetch. It is an automated ball thrower and you can set the distance for throwing the ball at. Find it here.

Life Pet Camera


Do not miss out on the cute moments of your dog. Make sure that you capture them all. The Pawbo Life Camera helps you in keeping track of your dog’s activities and it also has a built-in system of microphone and speaker in case you want to instruct your dog and a treat dispenser when you want to reward him! Find it here.

LED Dog Collar


Is your dog the light of your life? Then get him a flashy collar as well. This LED collar is easily USB chargeable. The collar comes with three sequenced modes of lighting – the slow flash, the fast flash and the Glow. It can be easily fit to the size of your dog’s neck and it will not provide any discomfort to him. Find it here.

Lips Dog Chew Toy


Get something that any dog would love to have, that is, get your dog a squeaky toy! A chew toy which is shaped like a lip and is red in colour, will definitely keep your dog busy for hours. It is squeaky and will squeak more when your dog is busy chewing on it. An absolute joy for every dog. Find it here.

Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stone


A pet is a big part of anyone’s life, losing them is losing a companion. This stone will help you commemorate the special bond that you shared with your pet and display a customised stone for your loved fur child. It is not a real stone, but it is perfect for keeping indoors as well as outdoors. Find it here.

Pet Christmas Hat


Imagine how cute will your dog look in a red Christmas cap? Absolutely adorable right? Then what are you waiting for – Get your pet a cute Christmas hat and make them feel the Christmas season charm as well. Find it here.

HandsOn Gloves for Shedding, Bathing, Grooming

HandsOn Gloves for Shedding, Bathing, Grooming-deshadding - www.Gifteee.com - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

Does your dog run away when it’s time to groom him? Here is a revolutionary glove that will solve that problem. A pair of gloves that fits properly and has scrubbing nodules on it to ease the grooming and shedding of a dog’s fur coat. It also gives them a massage hence stimulating the circulation and also distributing natural oils to give your dog a healthy furry coat. Find it here.

Gift yourself or someone who loves a dog as much as you do with these adorable gifts and see them light up with happiness.


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