Special Gifts for Special Little Girls

Finding the perfect gift idea for your little girl is not an easy task, this is why we created this wonderful gift guide with plenty of gift ideas for girls. Gifts for any occasion, for the holidays, Christmas, birthdays, etc… You might be looking for a gift for your daughter, for your granddaughter, for your school mate birthday party or for another close family member. So feel free to check out this list of great gifts, we are sure you will find the perfect gift or at least get inspired in your journey of gift finding..

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

 This book is one of the loveliest gifts you can gift your daughter; it is also a perfect parenting tool for any parent. It contains fairy tale stories about 100 extraordinary women which make its young readers aspire to be like them. These 100 bedtime stories illustrate the exemplary life of remarkable women both in the past and present. The book also includes the pictures of these extraordinary women created by sixty different females. Each story in this book has a full page, it is well compiled, and the quality of its cover is also top notch. Get your girl to be the best she can be by buying her a copy of his book.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

The winter can only feel warmer with your mermaid tail blanket. This product allows you to keep your cold away in style, as you dazzle your friends with its unusual mermaid tail appearance. It has a back bottom and front open which makes it easy to put on and pull off. This 70% Orlon and 30% cotton blanket can be washed with a machine at low temperature and also tumble dried. The Laghcat product comes with the blanket, casual daypack, and a silver necklace. It is a perfect gift to give your spouse, girlfriend.

Hatchimals New Hatchibabies!

The hatch babies is another new and useful product from hatchnimals; a magical creature is hidden inside a speckled egg. The young one looks after this speckled egg until it breaks open. This toy helps the kids to have a good sense of responsibility and management of dreams; this is why every parent should endeavor to get one for their kids.

Heart Shaped Umbrella

This is one of the most beautiful gifts to gift a female; it shows how much you care about the person. Your daughter, wife, friend or anyone is suitable to receive this umbrella from you as a gift. The light weightiness of this heart-shaped umbrella makes it easy for someone to carry all about; it also has a comfy foam grip. Be it in the sun or rain, you are assured of protection with your umbrella. It is a perfect gift for valentine, birthdays, marriage and any other anniversary. With this heart-shaped umbrella, the time for worrying on what to get your female loved ones is over.

Crayola Widescreen Light Designer

The windscreen light designer is a perfect gift to keep your daughter busy and bring out the creativity in her. It has got built-in marker storage with different colors of marker. It allows the user to draw on the screen and display their art with bright light effects. There are seven different light effects, which add more beauty to the art. Previous creations could be wiped clean in other to create again and again. It is undoubtedly a good birthday gift for your young ones, especially those in love with art.

Roller Skates w/ Rainbow Twilight LED Light Up Wheels & Pom Poms

This might be the perfect gift you have been willing to give your daughter. This roller skate would surely appeal to the satisfaction of any female. It comes with two pair of laces (Rainbow and white) which gives it a beautiful appearance; it has also got a unique twilight led rainbow colored light-up wheel. It is well designed for better control and maneuverability while skating. This means that apart from its beautiful appearance, it has also has got amazing skating features which makes its users enjoy it.

Superwoman Bookend

This is another excellent gift for your girls, especially those that have collections of a book. The bookend is made in the shape of a superwoman image. The heroine is suspended in the air by a magnet which gives people the impression of her stopping the books from looming fall. It is a lovely gift for those who love superheroes and bookworms.

Boardless Skateboard – Side Slider

This is self-propelled transportation which moves with a natural wave motion, it is light-weighted, portable and needs no batteries to power-up. It could serve very well as either a birthday gift, valentine gift or any other anniversary that seems suitable. Anyone gifted with this board-less skate would positively leap for joy.

Treasured Passages: A Unique Keepsake For Mother & Daughter Kit

The treasured passage kit is a unique keepsake for mother and daughter. It contains a set of 40 cards and envelopes which are printed on recycled paper; they are meant to be sent, shared, and treasured until the last envelope is sealed. The treasured passages bridges communication gap between mother and daughter and allows them share thoughts on some facet of life. It is a very unique gift to present to your spouse and daughter to bolster communication between them. Additional information about this item can be found when you click the link below;

Treasured Passages: A Unique Keepsake For Mother & Daughter Kit

Ride-On Unicorn for 4-9 Years Old

This is a perfect toy for your kids, its unicorn design and color makes it more suitable for females. The pony cycle allows for natural bouncing movement of the saddle. It is the first stimulation animal toy without batteries. The unicorn designed toy will enable kids around the age bracket of (4-9) ride on it with ease, while it moves in an up and down direction. It is a perfect birthday gift for kids, one that they would cherish forever.

Ride-On Unicorn for 4-9 Years Old

Unicorn Rainbow Dress

The Unicorn rainbow dress is an excellent gift for your daughter on her birthday. It is very comfortable, soft and stylish. It is made up of silky elastic, luxurious fabrics, which can be hand washed or machine washed. It can be dried using a dryer. Apart from all these features, what makes it most appealing and beautiful is its high-resolution printing technology which brings out the beauty of the Unicorn design on it. This dress would surely enhance the beauty of anyone who adorns it, and it is available for kids around the age of 3-13 years of age.

Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Children

With no risk of hearing damage, this headset happens to be the most suitable for children. It has volume limiting feature and healthy ears hearing protection that helps ensure the device doesn’t produce over 85bd which causes hearing loss. It has also got a wireless Bluetooth connecting function and an 18hrs battery life which means long lasting music enjoyment. Its supple ear cushion blocks background noise and brings comfort. One needs nothing more to be convinced that it is a perfect gift for your kids. It is safe and healthy to use; it has got a long battery life and numerous other impressive features. 

Easy Bake Oven

This portable, easy bake oven comes with various necessary baking utensils like a baking pan, pan tool, rainbow crystal sugar, and instruction for using it. It also comes with different mixes like chocolate brown, vanilla frosting and many more. It works with an easy bake ultimate oven refills which are not included in the kit. This easy bake oven makes catering and baking easy for your kids; it is a perfect gift to present to your young daughter or any other young aged female related to you.

Bath Bomb Making Kit

This kit comes with all needed equipment to produce twelve bath bomb cupcakes for your therapeutic bath. It has no artificial scent or vegetable oil fillers. It is a lovely gift for girls, as it helps them maintain their beauty and skin glow.

3Doodler Starter Kit

Bring out the artistry side of your kids by getting them this 3D pen. It is very safe for them to use, it has no hot parts, and its pen nozzle and plastic possess no threat or risk of getting them burnt. It is a very safe kit for kids, and it allows them to bring their imagination into reality. The 3D pen is a perfect gift for birthday anniversaries.

Ultimate Lab Kit

The ultimate lab kit is the best gift to give your science-loving daughter. The oversized kit allows you to experiment either at home or on the go. It has got over 15 different experiments you can perform with it in its booklet; you can also conduct any experiment of your choice. The ultimate lab kit contains real laboratory equipment, which includes a real working microscope with 4x power, and other essential things.

Dinosaur Child Hammock Swing Chair

The hammock swing is suitable for both outdoor and indoor relaxation for kids. It is a lovely gift to get for your daughter anniversary. It has got a fantastic dinosaur appearance which will surely be an appealing factor to kids. It has superior comfort, super soft cushion. It is also made of a heavy duty material which enables the swing to withstand the weight pull from kids.

Craft-Struction Box

This boxed gift is the most perfect for your kids when it comes to enhancing their tinkering and creative ability. It helps them develop their spatial skills and confidence in problem-solving. This box is suitable for age six and above. It is the very first female engineering character. The box incorporates craft and construction which brings about the perfect fun.

Craft-Struction Box

Keri Smith Deluxe Boxed Set

This is an interactive journal by Keri Smith, just like his other journals like this is not a book, the pocket scavenger, etc. it is an excellent gift to hand over to your daughter in other to enhance her knowledge. For more information about his item, kindly click on the link below.

Unicorn Heated Footwarmer Slippers, Powered by USB

The unicorn heated foot warmer is a perfect present to gift someone dear to you on her birthday anniversary or as a valentine gift. The slippers are designed to fit most adult, and it has also got a plush unicorn appearance which makes its appearance unique. Apart from these distinctive physical features, it is electrical; you can power it by plugging its USB into a computer or wall adaptor. This enables it to generate heats to keep the feet warm during the cold. The unicorn heated foot warmer is undoubtedly a unique gift item.

Airbrush Pen for Kids

There is more to what our kids can do when it comes to art, the only possible way of finding out their potential is by ensuring they have what is need to bring out the best in them. The Air-brush pen is a beautiful gift to get your daughter who has a passion for craft and art. It is a spray paint pen with multipurpose use; it allows the kid to paint and draw and bring to life their imaginations. It comes with 12pcs paint and drawing kit, and also washable markers and electronic spray paint pen which can last for about 40 hours spray time if fully charged. The Air-brush pen has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to grasp, it also requires no stress to get it powered, but it should not be sprayed on the wall because the markers are not washable on the wall; it stays permanently.

A.D.I.S.N. Journal

Journals are undoubtedly one of the tools that help in widening people’s spectrum of knowledge; it is the perfect gift for your daughter or any female related to you when it comes to getting them more informed about things. This Advanced Intelligence spy notebook is a journal that exposes your kid to the world of being a secret agent or a detective. It comes with two recorded message from nov8, invisible ink pen, a bracelet that can be used to power the journal and so many other items. More information and usefulness of this journal can be read by clicking on the link below.

Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

Your daughter would cherish no gift more than this. The magic show suitcase is everything kids want. They get fascinated seeing illusions were performed, but this suitcase gives them the opportunity to perform illusions and some petty magic tricks on their own. This gift box comes with great illusion secrets, 100 magic tricks, which are contained in its two magic trick books and instruction. It also comes with a black hat and a magical wand which perfectly completes all you need to be a magician.

Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

Unicorn Music Jewelry Box

The females are known to be great lovers of jewelry and music; this why the unicorn music jewelry box combines everything into one gift item. It has an excellent unicorn designed outward appearance on all sides and also a suspended unicorn on the inside. Keeping your ornaments have never been more fun when the box is wind up you hear it play, this gives you the pleasure of pleasant sound and simultaneously ensures your jewelry are very safe.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name: Personalized Children’s Book

The customized childrens book is an exceptional book that could make an excellent gift for your little girl on her special day. The book contains various short stories based on each letter in the girls name until it is completely spelled. The unsuspecting kid would certainly leap for joy when she finds out about the secret words each letter forms; this gesture would make her cherish the book for life.

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