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If you’re a proud cat lover or know someone who is, you must check out these gift items. Cats are highly independent animals who lead their own lives. These magnificent creatures are fun to watch making them internet’s favorite pet. They fill our lives with so much positivity! Show some love for your fluffy friends with these cool gifts that any feline fan would appreciate.

Here are the best gifts for cat lovers that would be perfect for any occasion:

Cat Amazing- Interactive Cat Toy

This interactive puzzle game for cats will keep your pet busy for hours. It engages the natural instincts of a cat, stimulates their mind and keeps them fit and healthy. The toy dispenses a cat’s favorite treats like catnip, mice, cat food, crinkle balls etc. Gift this to your cat or a cat owner. Find it here!

Cat Butt Wine Bottle Stopper

This is a gift that cat lovers and wine lovers will appreciate equally. Have you opened a bottle of wine that you can’t finish? Use this adorable cat-shaped stopper to avoid wasting the rest. A cat that has its head stuck in a bottle looking for wine will make anyone laugh. Find it here!

Cat Door- Easy to Install

Cats love their freedom and with this cute cat door your pet can roam around freely. They are safe and durable and promises to not trap their paws or tails. The door operates on magnets and will return to the closed position after use. 4 way locking system gives you complete control too. Find it here!

Cat Earrings

These handmade cat earrings are a perfect gift for cat lovers. Flaunt your love for feline friends with this 3D jewelry featuring a black cat. Made of 925 sterling silver and plastic, this would be a paw-some gift for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or Halloween. Find it here!

Cat Hook Hanger

A multi-use hanger hook is a very handy object. Place this decorative cat on any shelf and hang things like keys, bags, umbrellas, jackets or a flowerpot. This unique and useful gift will please anyone who loves a cat. Buy something different to make the gift memorable. Find it here!

Cat Lounge- Sleep and Play

This warm and cozy cat cave is a nest for your cat to relax, sleep or play in. It’s made of fur and sponge. Newborn or timid cats will feel very comfortable in this. You can unzip the back to create a cat tunnel. Find it here!

Kitty Shaped Ice Cube Tray Mold

Surprise a cat lover with this silicone tray of cat shaped ice cube molds. Fill it with water to create 9 different kitty shaped ice cubes. Pop ‘em into a punch bowl or cocktails to turn your feline themed party into a hit affair. Find it here!

Cat Scratching DJ Deck

Your favorite pet might often end up destroying your furniture and doors with scratch marks. Help them turn this natural instinct into a cool exercise. Watch your kitty scratch a turn table like a DJ and try to hold your laughter. This toy is entertaining for cats and cat owners both. Find it here!

Cat Side My Side Bed Sheets

Both you and your pet will get peaceful sleep on this cat themed bed sheet/duvet cover. It comes with 2 pillowcases and has easy care instructions. The best part is it’s made of smooth 100% polyester fabric that cat hair won’t stick to. Find it here!

Cat Toilet Training Kit

Are you tired of emptying dirty litter boxes and spending loads of money on cat litter? With this toilet training kit, your cat will be able to use the ‘hooman’ toilet. All you have to do is flush! The kit comes with a detailed training guide and catnip. Find it here!

Cat-Opoly Monopoly board Game

Do you know someone who loves cats and board games? Gift them Cat-Opoly, a feline version of the property trading game popular around the globe. Start from Scat, move around the board buying cats and collecting litter boxes which you can trade for fish bones. Find it here!

Crafting with Cat Hair

Do you know a DIY crafting enthusiast who owns a cat? This book would be a very useful gift. It has instructions on how to use stray fur balls shed by a cat into cute handicrafts. These easy crafting projects are eco-friendly and need no special equipment. Find it here!

Customize Your Pet Ring

We know that most people would marry their pets if they could. Show how much you love your pet with a ring that carries its face. This custom-made adjustable sterling silver ring is a perfect gift for any proud pet owner. Just send a clear photo after you place your order. Find it here!

Flipbook: A Kitten’s Way of Greeting

Designed by Japanese illustrator Harumin Asao, this flipbook would be a charming gift for a cat lover. Flip through its colorful pages and watch the cat come to life. Both children and pets would enjoy the cartoon cat jumping around the room like in an animated film. Find it here!

How to Talk to Your Cat about Gun Safety

Do you know someone who will appreciate a book on animal humor? Gift this incredibly funny book by Zachary Auburn to cat owners, and they will treasure it forever. It teaches cats about all the dangers that can threaten their nine lives. Find it here!

How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Do you want to be able to read the signs if your cat is plotting to kill you? Written by Matthew Inman aka The Oatmeal, this hilarious book has been a New York Times Best Seller. Also includes a bonus pull-out poster. Find it here!

Donald Trump Presidential Parody Cat Toy

Start political debates with your cat with the presidential parody toy of Donald Trump. This could be a funny gag gift for both Trump supporters and Trump haters. Made of non-toxic printed fabric, the toy contains high quality catnip too. Find it here!

Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Your kitty probably walks around looking all high and mighty. Turn it into a furry uni-cat this Halloween with a vinyl unicorn horn. The inflatable horn has a four-point elastic strap system that sits comfortably on a cat’s head. Find it here!

Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

Gift your cat a robotic friend that can withstand any amount of abuse. The toy robot will play with your cat by sensing and reacting to it automatically. You can also connect it to your smartphone and use it as a remote control. Find it here!

Walk-through Gate with a Small Door

This sturdy chew-proof steel gate is perfect for homes with pets. It has a small door that allows passage for the cat while stopping dogs or toddlers. You can also pressure mount the gate to avoid drilling holes into the wall. Find it here!

Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stone

Those we love never truly leave us. Commemorate the incredibly special time you got to spend with your four-legged friend with a garden memorial stone. Made of durable resin that looks like real stone, it is lightweight, waterproof and durable. Personalize it for your pet with name and years. Find it here!

Pet Backpack

Turn the dream of carrying your pet in a backpack into a reality. Travel far and wide with your cat comfortably sitting inside this polycarbonate bag. They can look outside through the transparent glass peephole and feel relaxed. Find it here!

Pet Christmas Hat

Spread the holiday cheer and gift your pet this adorable Santa outfit. The costume includes a tie and a hat. With the adjustable chin and neck size, they will fit your furry friend perfectly. Wearing this at Christmas, your pet will get showered with complements. Find it here!

Pet Pirate Costume

Cats can pull off a pirate costume with just the right amount of attitude. This designer pet outfit is made out of a soft and breathable non-woven polyester. With this unique getup all eyes will be on your tiny family member. Gift this to a pet owner for Halloween, Christmas, photo-shoots or parades. Find it here!

Studio Ghibli Music Box

Gift this Kiki’s Delivery Service themed music box to any Studio Ghibli fan. It features Kiki’s talking black cat Jiji and his girlfriend Lily. Wind up the key to play a soothing melody and watch the cats come to life. Find it here!

These are 25 amazing gift ideas for cats and cat lovers. No matter what the occasion, gifts like these can bring a smile to any pet owner’s face. Show your cat how much you love it by gifting it one of these cool and quirky items.

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