Best Concealment Furniture for Safely Hiding Firearms and Valuables

All smart gun owners know that where you hide your firearms can become a life-saving decision. Its location should be safe, discreet and easily accessible. This is why concealment furniture is the best option for safely storing guns and valuables. They can protect your curious children from a tragic accident. Skilled intruders and criminals know how to look for a traditional safe. Concealment furniture hide objects in plain sight making them a much better alternative.

Here is a list of the best concealment furniture for any room:

Rustic Small Dresser with Hidden Lockable Gun Chest on Top

This honey colored dresser has a hidden compartment on top to hide firearms. The top of the chest can be lifted to reveal a small storage space that fits five guns. The beautiful rustic dresser itself has six drawers, two doors and plenty of storage space for other items. The best part is the furniture is constructed out of real wood and doesn’t need to be assembled. Find it here!

Gun/Curio Slider Cabinet Combination

This gorgeous curio cabinet can be a great addition to your living room, dining area or bedroom. The cabinet has a lighted curio display area with glass shelves protected by a tempered glass door. Underneath it there is locked storage area too. But what is not visible is a sliding gun storage to accommodate rifles and shotguns. You can lock or unlock the slider from within the curio display. Find it here!

Concealed TV Cabinet with Artwork Doors

This TV cabinet is perfect for art enthusiasts and aesthetes. Conceal your television within this cabinet and transform it into a beautiful painting. A big black box is never pleasing to the eye. It can effectively ruin the carefully planned interior design of the room. Hide up to a 55” TV on mount and all its messy chords inside this cabinet. It features a print of Van Gogh’s Irises on canvas. Find it here!

Gun Concealment Nightstand

This rustic nightstand made of solid pine wood is perfect for safely hiding your gun within arm’s reach. A nightstand is great for storing anything you might need at night without having to leave your bed. It has a sliding top with a safety latch hidden inside the drawer. If you sense an intruder at night, you can quickly reach the latch, slide the top and get your gun. Find it here!

Gun Concealment Picture Frame

Want to hide your gun or valuables in the last place someone will think of? Place this gun concealment picture frame in an easily accessible location without arousing suspicion. It displays an 8” x 10” photograph and the frame is 2” thick. It can conceal two standard full-size handguns. The gun storage inside the photo frame is secured with a lock programmable with a 4-8-digit code. Find it here!

Coffee Table Lift Top

Want to store things discreetly out of the reach of children or strangers? Get this white coffee table with a wood finish top for your living room or workspace. Constructed out of chip wood, solid wood and metal piece, the furniture is highly durable and versatile. Its compact structure and sleek design offer great storage space without taking up too much room. Lift the tabletop effortlessly to reveal hidden storage space inside. Find it here!

Jackson Bookcase with Concealed Drawer

Hide your valuables within a beautiful black bookcase to protect them from prying eyes. The sleek and sturdy furniture made of solid wood has a secret lower compartment that slides out. This smooth gliding space uses secure magnetic technology to keep your valuables safe while you’re away. The magnetic trigger design allows easy access with only the swipe of a key. This concealed furniture is perfect for storing phones, tablets, diaries and other valuable objects. Find it here!

Jewelry Concealed Organizer

Want to secretly store all your precious jewelry and expensive makeup inside a well-constructed cabinet? This concealed jewelry organizer with LED lighting inside is the stuff of dreams. It features a large mirror on the door that hides its true purpose. The cabinet is secured with magnets as well as a key lock. Find it here!

Concealed RFID Cabinet Lock

Want to transform any regular cabinet into a safe without making its purpose obvious? Just install this concealed RFID lock behind the cabinet door and unlock it with a user card. The lock is easy to set up and runs only on three AAA batteries. You can use a single card to operate multiple locks. Other users can get cards of their own because one lock accepts up to fifty cards. Find it here!

Fable III Limited Collector’s Edition Set with Secret Stash Compartments

This secret storage book-box is a must have for all Fable fans. The cover of the book is protected by a magnetic latch. Inside are secret stash compartments for storing the game, deck of playing cards and guild seal coin. You can also use it to stash things and hide it among the books on your shelf. Find it here!

Flower Pot Diversion Safe

This pretty flower pot has a hidden safe inside for storing valuable objects like jewelry, money, keys etc. The bottom made of steel has a removable plastic top with a locking lid. The product comes with two keys and mounting hardware. Place it anywhere to decorate a room. Find it here!

Plastic Wall Clock with Hidden Compartment

Can you imagine your most valuable possessions safely hanging on a wall? This wall clock with a hidden compartment can turn this dream into a reality. It has a 10” diameter and 3” width with a stash box behind the clock face. Find it here!

Mythical Guardian Dragon Trinket Box Statue with Hidden Book Storage Compartment

What if you could have a dragon for a mythical guardian to watch over your valuables? This handcrafted poly-resin product has a stash box inside the book for hiding jewelry, cash etc. The decorative set is a piece of art in itself. Find it here!

Metal Cast Iron Turtle Statue Spare Key Hiders Outside

Hide the spare key to your home discreetly inside the shell of this cute turtle statue. Made of cast iron, the turtle is durable and weather resistant. Place it anywhere in your garden or yard without arousing suspicion. Find it here!

Flower Vase Can Safe

This flower vase with natural wood varnish also acts as a safe can for stashing small valuable items. No one would think to look inside an item that looks like an ordinary piece of home décor. Detach the bottom of the vase to reveal a small storage space of 2.06” x 1.85”. Find it here!

Hidden Storage Book Box Hider

This book box hider is constructed out of real vintage books and sustainable wood. On the outside the item looks like an aesthetic collection of books that will match any room décor. Use it to hide messy cords, plugs, outlets or routers. You can also use this space to stash valuables instead. Find it here!

American Flag Concealment Box

Display your patriotism with a 3 feet American flag on the wall. The best part? You can lift the lid to reveal a large hidden space inside. A locking hinge will hold the lid open while you access the stored items. It also comes with a magnetic strip that can hold metal objects. Find it here!

Concealment Picture Frame

Hide your firearms in plain sight with the help of this concealment picture frame. The frame holds an 8” x 10” photo and swings up to give access to the hidden compartment. The large storage space with strong rare earth magnets hold a full-size handgun. Find it here!

Stuffed Lion with Hidden Opening

Does this cute stuffed lion look like it has a secret stash inside? There is a zipper opening on the back of the lion which is concealed with a Velcro closure. The item also comes with a t-shirt for the lion to wear, hiding the storage space completely. Find it here!

20) Stash It Throw Pillow Safe

Keep your lightweight valuables hidden from prying eyes inside this throw pillow. The heavily stuffed pillows will cushion the stashed items and protect them from damage. The 9” x 11” storage compartment is secured with a heavy gauge zipper. Find it here!

Garter Purse with Secured Pockets

This garter band features 6” wide stretchable lace with silicone grips that keep it from slipping. The purse has two pockets that can store cash, cards, phone, keys etc. Wear this under your dress and have fun at concerts and festivals without worrying about losing your valuables. Find it here!

These are some of the best options for concealment furniture and items with secret stash compartments. Hide valuable objects in plain sight without arousing any suspicion. Keep them safely out of the reach of children as well as intruders.

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