Animals Gift Wrap

With the “Animals Gift Wrap” you’ll be able to make your awesome presents look even more special.

It’s an idea that seems so simple yet it will wow whoever is lucky enough to receive it, so much so that they just might not want to find out what’s inside!

Start by wrapping the box with the present in inside the paper provided, once you’ve got the present covered, choose the eyes, nose, mouth, maybe even teeth from the sticker sheets. Then get some scissors and cut out a tail, ears, feet, fins, wings, flippers or hooves and stick on with glue. Then hey-presto you’ve got your very own creature to give to your nearest and dearest. There are enough sheets of wrapping paper, stickers and cut out features to create 6 awesome animals, whether it’s a Bear-today, Christ-Moose or Bat-mitzvah there’s a creature ready to make it extra special, gift wrap with a difference!

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