The Complete Gift Guide For Art And Craft Lovers

Is there any better way to encourage a person to pursue the dreams, aspirations, and aims they have in life? Give them a gift that will motivate them further. Nothing beats the list of gift ideas we have in store for you that will inspire adults and children to pour out their creativity on a piece of paper. We have also seen the unique art and craft material we have stocked up on will shape the creativity of a child or adult. After doing a lot of research, we have assembled the best gifts and from unusual artistic fields that you can give someone who is in love with art and crafts. 

Best Gift Ideas 

Arts and Crafts gift ideas has always been our personal favorite. So, go ahead and pick your favorite (s) and start shopping.  

Automata Paper Machine Model Combo Kit – Flying Dreamer + Contraband Cat 

You think these are just mesmerizing toys? Well, look again for they are a demonstration of science and arts. An incredible amount of thought went into designing both the model. All you have to do to enjoy a delightful time is pull up the levers and turn the crank. You will see how the models spring back into life. These amazing creations are made straight out of paper and not plastic. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the delight that this combo kit brings. Find it here! 

How to draw cool things, optical illusion, 3D letters, cartoons and stuff 

Gift your child the ability to draw fun and cool stuff with this easy to follow, step by step tutorials and illustrations book. A child with great ease will learn how to draw every kind of optical illusions which has a mind-blowing impact and is cool in its own way. This book will help to take their drawing skills to a higher level and keep in mind we are never too old to have some fun and open ourselves to creativity. Find it here! 

The Art of Hand Shadows 

Who has ever turned down the fun and entertainment that the age-old pastime brings to the lives of people? You can recreate the entertainment and have hours of undisturbed fun by learning the tricks and tips of the trade. You will finally master the art and not just learn the basics. And, soon with enough patience and practice you will learn the ways you have to arrange your fingers and hands to create impressive shadows of people, objects, and animals. Find it here! 

Keri Smith Deluxe Boxed Set 

You can finally avail the complete set of interactive journals by none other than Keri Smith, a great gift to inspire creativity and evolve the brain, to learn how to be creative by destroying things and thinking and creating out side the box. Find it here! 

Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures, and Forms 

The old school charm of books is hard to resist not only for the previous generations but also the modern-day teens. Though, digital age is taking over the fun and pleasure that books bring can’t be replaced. You will be able to fold, sew, and glue handmade books into endless different styles and shapes. Find it here! 

The Cardboard Box Book: Make Robots, Princess, Castles, Cities, and More! 

Kids will now learn how to transform the easy to find material at home (or something they thought of garbage) into mesmerizing and beautiful things. The templates, stickers, and most importantly ideas found in this book will help you create such amazing things every single day. Find it here! 

Backyard Ballistics 

This DIY handbook has an extensive collection of expanded and new projects which will help the ordinary folks to create and construct awesome ballistic devices. The easy to follow guidelines, diagrams, instructions, and photographs will show you how to build projects. Find it here! 

3Doodler Starter Kit 

How would it feel like to bring every imaginative and wonderful ideas that you have, or your young ones do to life? You can now pull out objects straight out of thin air. It is kid safe and packs extraordinary fun. Find it here! 

Unicorn Coloring Book 

Relieve your stress by adding some color to the highly detailed and beautifully designed images. So, get ready to escape in a world of fun and joy with the images present in this extraordinary book for adults. Find it here! 

Paper Edger Scissors – Set of 12  

The patterned scissors that rest in the beautiful oak holder demands the attention of every art and craft lover. The stainless-steel blades, superior quality scissors, and mesmerizing stand that holds all of it together is perfect for crafting and scrapbooking. Now, you can add charming edges to your photos, greeting cards, collages, and other things in a split second. Find it here! 

Bookbinding Kit 

You can now have all the crucial things needed to start the task of bookbinding. This kit comprises of everything you can possibly need to finish the task you have in mind with ease. You can even get some repair work done and create art journals, handmade books, and so on. Find it here! 

Seal Wax Kit 

How about having a customized stamp? All the alphabets from A – Z is present for you to avail. You get a choice in the sealing wax color, stamp material, and stamp diameter. You can use it on scarp booking, cards, plastic, glass, wood, and other objects. Decorating invitations, wine packages, and envelopes will now be fun and way different than one can imagine. Find it here! 

InkStag Pink Camo Hydrographics Kit MyDipKit – My Dip Kit 

Own a do it yourself, patented and original version where you can easily transfer images and patterns on different hard surfaces. This can be easily submerged in water. Every necessary item you need will be present in this kit and assures superior quality. You will also have access to detailed instructions on how to proceed further. Find it here! 

Le Jardin Flower Press 

The beauty of this product is beyond our abilities to describe. Every aspiring botanist or one in the making can get hold of a high quality, non-toxic, and perfect press. You can dry intricate leaves and delicate flowers. Anyone above the age of three years can use this product. Find it here! 

Karakuri: How the make mechanical paper models that move 

Bring to life every paper model with this kit. There are pull out pages present inside for you to construct moving models. From admiring their beauty to learning the basis of Karakuri, you can do a lot with these models. You will be explained everything during the process and easy to follow instructions will guide you through the entire procedure. Fourteen full sized models and the science behind the whole thing will be revealed in front of you. Find it here! 

Crayola Inspiration Art Case 

This is the ultimate thing that you can gift an aspiring artist or someone who is in love with everything revolving around art and craft. From 15 paper sheets (large) to 64 crayola crayons, 40 crayola washable markers, and 20 crayola short colored pencils you can have it all. All of which comes in a well-organized storage case. Find it here! 

Clay Animation Movie Maker Kit 

Create your own animation movie with everything that comes in this kit. Modelling clay, assorted props, googly eyes, and different back drops are present within the kit. The instructions are easy to follow and is perfect for anyone above the age of 8 years. So, get ready to have a delightful and fun time. Find it here! 

Bottle Cutter and Glass Cutter Bundle 

How about using your creativity to create your own table lamps? Or maybe using wine bottles to create vases? The endless number of things that you can do with glass cutter and bottle cutter goes without a saying. It is easy to use and offers eco-friendly solutions. Get ready for fun and create tea candle holders, glasses, plant holders, wind chimes, and so on. Find it here! 

Musical Inventions: DIY Instruments to Toot, Tap, Crank, Strum, Pluck, and Switch On 

It has been centuries now that anyone with a creative and artistic bone in their body has used homemade instruments for fun and to produce mesmerizing music. Create low or high notes, change the pattern of the sound waves, and in short do it all with this instrument. Find it here! 

ZoLo: Creativity Set – Risk 

Have endless hours of fun with this creativity set that promotes innovation and fun. Aspiring activities, optional building challenges, and ability to spark imagination in children is something one can’t miss out. Find it here!

Calligraphy Workbook For Beginners 

Learn the basic of mastering enchanting handwriting with this workbook. You will learn how to master different fonts and have detailed guide on how to excel each letter, number, and even punctuation. Find it here! 

Sewing School 

Who said kids can’t sew? The easy to learn guide book will teach kids how to sew potholders, pillows, blankets, dolls, and so much more. Isn’t that fun? Find it here! 

Color Your Own Pillow Case 

How about giving your child the freedom to doodle on the pillow case? Well, there is nothing to worry about if you have this amazing pillow case that you can easily doodle on. The complete set of pillow case and washable, color pens is a gift that every child wishes to own. The illustration of the whole world on the pillow case is simply remarkable. Find it here! 

Flip-Book Maker 

Transform your drawings or videos into a movie with this amazing flip Book maker. All you gotta do is install videos or images on this easy to install and free tool and watch magic unroll in front of your eyes. Find it here! 

This is our complete guide to help you choose extraordinary gifts for anyone who enjoys art and craft.  

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