The Complete Gift Guide For Geeks (and even some Nerds) for the Prefect Geeky Gift

There is absolutely no particular time that is good enough for handing out gifts to your loved ones but when it is a special occasion or the official season of giving and receiving gifts appear you end up buckling under pressure. What is it that you should do to make that nerdy friend in your group extra special? Or your geek relative feel loved? It is time to seek some help and buy something that is extra special for the geek in your life.  

Complete Guide For Buying Gifts For Geeks 

It is time to hand over gifts that are completely out of the box. Here, is our collection of items that you can browse through and see which is great enough to quiver your nerdy friends mind. We have something for each one of you –  

Beaker Shot Glasses 

A complete set of awesomeness for your nerdy friends is here. The shot glasses in the shape of beakers can withstand everything even being dropped. The inscription on their body makes it even more attractive. Find It Here! 

GigaClock – Oak Hardwood Framed HD 

Give your loved one something that has a touch of emotion, thoughts, and creativity like this handmade clock which has been recycled into a hard drive. The perfect touch of hardwood, solid display frame, and ability to customize the clock makes it so authentic. The hard drive that comes with it is simply a cherry on top. Find It Here! 

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set 

Do you know anyone who is in love with the beauty of different elements, its properties, and overall mesmerizing powers? How about handing over a glow in the dark coaster set? The pressure sensitive coasters light up in different colors every time you place your glass on it. Find It Here! 

LED Potion Desk Lamp 

“Oh, wow!” will be your first reaction when you see the desk lamp that is magical in itself. From magically changing the potion color to lighting up all by itself, there is nothing it can’t do to cheer anyone with a nerdy bone in their body. Are you not mesmerized enough to give this beauty a try? Find It Here! 

Brain Specimen Coasters 

A complete set of 10 coasters all with the human brain printed on it is perfect for a nerdy home. When you line up each of the coasters in an order you will end up with a display that looks completely like a brain. If this isn’t thoughtful for a doctor or nerd, then what is? Find It Here! 

Pi Spiral Shirt For Pi Day 

Celebrate Pi day or your love for the fascinating numbers down to a dot with this comfy, snug fit, and casual t-shirt. So, help your friend to be an official member of the maths club by putting on this remarkable t shirt. Find it here! 

365 Days of Nerd Trivia 2019 Page A Day Calendar 

Give your nerdy brain a fun treat every day of the year. Doesn’t that sound a lot of fun than you can wrap your head around? From cracking geek codes to answering questions about your favorite science fiction movies and superhero ones – there is something to put your nerdy mind to test in each one. The fascinating trivia will have you entertained beyond your wits. Find it here! 

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Coaster Set of 6 

The set of 6 glass coasters can give all the other coasters a run for money. A reference from Star Wars and a detailed cross section from Falcon will make every nerd’s heart leap with joy. The 3D print, rubber protection on the feet, and impeccable intricate designing will make you feel so special every time you look at it. Find it here! 

D20 Ceramic Mug 

How adorable does it look? This mug is a great enough gift for geeky hearts. The shape of the cup, the vibrant color, inscriptions on its body, and the perfect fit lid is what you should buy right away. Find it here! 

Geeky Eyes Contact Lens Case 

Why run away from your geeky look? The pair of glasses that one often thinks is a part of your geeky nature needs to be nurtured and loved. So, keep your glasses – a part of who you are safely in the case that is designed keeping in par your geeky mind. This entertaining gift idea is way better than you can think of. Find it here! 

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us 

Now, you can have a collection of all your favorite dishes by Rosanna Pansino which is specifically made to meet the taste buds of geeks. Cook and celebrate your one of a kind personality with these amazing and incredibly mouthwatering recipes. Find it here! 

Cards Against Humanity: Geek Pack 

Cards about video games, Game of Thrones, D&D, and everything that makes a nerd happy is present in the pack of cards. So, pull up your sleeves and get ready to win. Find it here! 

Magnetic Poetry – Geek Kit 

Are there acronyms that makes you go weak in the knees? Are there certain things that nobody around you gets but it makes your nerdy heart rejoice? Each tile that you pull out from the kit has the potential to create poetry. All you have to do is move it around a bit. Find it here! 

Mechanisms and Devices – 507 Mechanical Movements 

Everything that found its place in the beginning and success of the Industrial Revolution can be found in here. Going way back centuries you will finally have an in-depth knowledge about steam engines, hydraulics, horloges, and so on. Find it here! 

Genuine Meteorites Approx 4200 Years Old 

Something for your nerdy friends display cabinet or to go right by his or her bedside table is here for you to buy. The 4200 years old meteorite can finally be yours or someone you know who will enjoy it too. Find it here! 

Biohazards Plush Toys 

No, no you don’t need those scary tip to toe hazmat suits to enjoy the charm of these incredibly pretty and adorable plush toys. The mini microbes in the shape of Anthrax, Ebola, Brain Eating Ebola, and Toxic Mold is great enough for you to have some childlike, geeky fun. Find it here! 

Fossil Collection Sorting Activity Kit 

The incredible collection that will help you sort through the mound of fossils is up for grabs. From identifying the specimens to going through the geological time sheet, you can do it all. You will be able to develop skills by simply having a fun time. Find it here! 

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Graphics Standard Manual 

The cutting-edge manual that takes about exploration and science can be the best gift for your geeky friends. Let them get lost into a world that is far beyond our understanding. Find it here! 

Mini Tesla’s Coil Model 

What is this beauty? The crazy and funky gift item is fun for every geek. All you have to do is plug it and enjoy its charisma. It can produce a 1 mm arc that can produce safe yet fun electric arcs. Find it here! 

Time Capsule 

Travel back in time and experience your most fond memory. This time capsule gift can hold in itself a promise that you can harvest decades from now with your special someone. Is it geeky and magical enough for you? Find it here! 

AuthaGraph Globe – The World’s Most Accurate Globe 

The most accurate globe that will help you see how it has been created. The different parts that come with a kit can be a part of an interesting project which will help you build a globe like never before. Find it here!

Mini Museum – Science and History Collection – 29 Specimens 

The handmade product is something that will accompany everywhere you go and bring the joy of visiting a museum to life over and over again. Every specimen is uniquely identified, labeled, an is iconic in its own way. Find it here! 

Will It Waffle? 53 irresistible and unexpected recipes you can make in a waffle iron  

So, how many recipes can you make using a waffle iron? One? Well, no. You can now create delicious and unimaginable recipes using your waffle iron everyday with this outstanding recipe book. Find it here! 

Wooden Useless Box 

The creativity behind this box is enough to drive you happily nuts. The second you flick the button a wooden hand appears and turns it off. Isn’t that totally fun? Watch everyone get tricked by it and then bursting into happy tears. Find it here! 

Math Geek Formulas Etched Pint Glass 

Show off your love for mathematics with this Pint glass that has every imaginable formula edged on it. Find it here! 

Now, is the time to buy start shopping and get your geeky friend the perfect gift.  

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