20 Important Gear and Equipment for Doomsday Preppers Long Term Survival

Are you afraid that the end of the world is near, and you need to be prepared for it? There is no telling what kind of catastrophic disaster is imminent in the near future. Here are 20 items that need to be on the list of every doomsday prepper. Be prepared for anything like making camp and surviving in hostile situations. Just go through the list and start stockpiling these affordable items that might save your life. 

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Here are 20 best apocalypse gear for all survivalists and preppers. 

1) SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition 

This manual will update you on the latest survival knowledge and technology. Be equipped to deal with any type of disaster with the help of this manual. Learn how to read the weather, find food, make camp and protect yourself and your loved ones. Learn self-defense techniques, administration of first aid and overcome your fear. Improve your chances of survival with this book and gift it to fellow survivalists. Find it here! 

2) Water Turbine Generator 

Use water to generate electricity with the help of this water turbine generator. Think of a doomsday scenario where you have access to water but no electricity. This sturdy water turbine will produce 12 volts of electricity that can be essential for your survival. Power a radio or LED lights and charge your phone with the help of this important apocalypse gear. Find it here! 

3) Long Range Stereo Broadcast Home FM Transmitter with Antenna 

Any preparation for a disaster or catastrophe will be incomplete without a good transmitter. It is essential for receiving and disseminating knowledge and communicating with other survivors. This home transmitter is small, compact, sturdy and well-shielded, and very easy to use. It has a long transmission range of 300 meters. The top-notch designs of the circuit board and amplifier reduces noise and improves sound quality. Find it here! 

4) Prepper’s Home Defense 

Prepper’s Home Defense: security strategies to protect your family by any means necessary is written by Jim Cobb. It is a brilliant guide for all preppers and survivalists out there. It lays down a step-by-step guide on how to fortify your home and defend your loved ones. It includes detailed information on laying perimeter traps, creating safe rooms and hidden storage. Learn how to operate firearms and practice defensive combat techniques too. Find it here! 

5) Airsoft Mask Full Face with Fan 

This mask from Airsoft offers full face protection against all types of hostile attacks. It is built out of shock proof engineered plastic which is highly tough and durable. There are two pairs of goggles attached (black and transparent) that are explosion-proof and sunlight-proof. The mask is integrated with an air circulation system with two fans to keep you cool and comfortable. Secure great fit using the adjustable high-density nylon straps. Find it here! 

6) Pacific Sky Power Charger Wind Turbine Generator with Fin 

Generate your own electricity with the help of a personal wind turbine. You can set it up anywhere like your home, camp, remote cabin or RV. This is a very safe and efficient way of generating electricity from blowing wind. It is light, portable and easy to install making it very important for preppers. You can carry it on the go, set it up anywhere and make your own electricity. Find it here! 

7) 75 of the Best Secret Hiding Places 

The best method of protecting your valuables is to hide them in plain sight. Learn new ways of hiding stuff in secret places that only you will know about. This book by Damian Brindle is an excellent addition to the stock of any doomsday prepper. Discover 75 new ways to create a secure stash and protect essential resources from your enemies. Don’t let things that you hold dear fall into the wrong hands. Find it here! 

8) Hand Crank Radio with Rechargeable Battery, Flashlight and Alarm 

The ultimate tool for all survivalists, this portable radio also works as a flashlight and an alarm. Powered by solar panels, the 2000mAH batteries are rechargeable and always ready to go. You can also charge it using the USB docks, hand crank or 3 AAA batteries. In case of blackouts you can stay updated on news reports on the radio or send out emergency signals. The powerful built-in 3W flashlight provides up to 10 hours of light after a single charge. Find it here! 

9) Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 

All doomsday preppers and survivalists need to grow their own food in the event of a global catastrophe. Whether you’re hit by a drought or famine, you will still have access to fresh food from your garden. Each seed packet contains 32 different varieties of 100% natural non-hybrid non-GMO heirloom seeds. Each seed is carefully selected for a healthy balanced diet and tested for maximum germination and yield. It also comes with a growing and seed harvesting guide, so you can continue to grow vegetables year after year. Find it here! 

10) Gun Curio Slider Cabinet Combination 

Safely hide your firearms in plain sight with the help of this gorgeous curio cabinet. The lighted curio display area has adjustable shelves protected behind a tempered glass door. It conceals a creatively designed sliding storage compartment for rifles and shotguns. You will be the only one who knows how to lock or unlock the gun storage. Find it here! 

11) Tactical Christmas Stockings 

This tactical camo-printed stocking has to be the best Christmas gift for a fellow survivalist. The 100% handmade product has 2 MOLLE attachments, a handle and a hanging hook. The outside draw pocket and several compartments store essential survival goods that you have stockpiled over the years. It’s an excellent Christmas ornament for a tactical home. Find it here! 

12) Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills 

Learn basic living skills from this classic manual that has sold over 250,000 copies. An amazing survivalist’s guide teaches you how to live off the land and lead a self-sufficient lifestyle. It contains hundreds of projects, detailed step-by-step instructions, photographs and illustrations. Grow food, raise livestock and generate your own energy when doomsday arrives. Find it here! 

13) Barbed Wire, Barricades and Bunkers 

This book by F.J. Bohan is called the free citizen’s guide to fortifying the home retreat. An excellent gift for all doomsday preppers, it teaches you to lay down the ultimate defense plan. Written by a dedicated prepper himself, the book allows you to develop various types of fortifications. It carries practical and affordable designs to protect your home and family during an armed insurgency. Find it here! 

14) Solar 11-in-1 Battery Charger 

If you are a survivalist then you must be prepared for blackouts and power outages. In a world without electricity, power your devices with batteries charged using sunlight. This solar battery charger can charge 11 different NiCd and NiMH battery sizes like AAA, AA, C, D etc. Find it here! 

15) Weather Station 

The AcuRite Weather Station can actually monitor hyper-local weather conditions in your own backyard. You can access instant real-time information anywhere and at any time. When changing weather conditions need your attention, it will send notifications directly to your phone. Also compatible with Amazon Alexa. Find it here! 

16) Tactical Military Multifunction Aluminum Detachable Carry Battle Rail Mug Cup 

Looking for a great gift for a fellow survivalist? You just can’t go wrong with this tactical military multifunction mug fit for warriors. The badass aluminum mug can hold a whopping 500-600 ml of fluid. Find it here! 

17) LifeStraw Water Filter 

No matter how contaminated the water sources get you will always have access to purified water. This personal water filter removes 99.9% germs and the smallest microplastics that pollute water. Find it here! 

18) Waterlily USB- Portable Power 

This portable device designed by subsea engineers can generate power from wind, water and even the hand crank. Independent of solar energy, it can work perfectly at night. Charge your devices via USB in any weather condition including rain, fog or shade. Find it here! 

19) Zippo Emergency Fire Starter 

Fire is essential for life and safety. Buy this Zippo lighter specially designed for emergencies in outdoor conditions. Lightweight and water resistant, this emergency fire starter uses a reliable flint wheel ignition. Find it here! 

20) Pocket-Sized Thermal Monocular 

Explore the outdoors or a hostile landscape safely with the help of this pocket-sized thermal vision monocular. It can spot people and animals over a 100 yards away at night or in low light conditions. Stay safe in unfamiliar surroundings by seeing heat signatures in total darkness. The camera can record both stills and videos and it is submersible in water. Find it here! 

These are 20 of the best doomsday gear that should be on the list of every survivalist. Save your money and resources by getting effective, affordable and practical products. Prepare for a catastrophe and protect your loved ones with the help of high-quality equipment. 

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