Amazing and Unique Steampunk Cosplay Clothing and Props

Doesn’t the name ‘Steampunk’ alone sound a combination of enchanting and whimsical? This is the best way to stir up your adventurous senses while discovering the extinct technologies. Today, Steampunk has earned its name and place in films, fashion, and art. If the blend of science fiction culture, punk rock attitude, and Victorian style is all that you are in search of then we have the best guide for you to follow. Check out the outstanding list of items that you can now buy or may be gift someone who would go totally gaga about it for his or hers next cosplay adventure

Women’s 181 – Silas Steampunk Boot

Isn’t this a beauty? The knee length boot with extraordinary design and ultimate steampunk look is what you need, right away. The combination of black and brown premium quality leather along with the design pouches on the size is what you can gift your lady friend or may be buy for yourself to complete your ultra-chic look. Find it here!

Faux Leather Phial Bracelet

Now, this is something that is easy on the eyes and heavy on the heart kind of product, don’t you think? The appeal that the Victorian style brings along with the touch of science fiction is an absolute must to complete your look and give your attire the necessary boost. The bracelet with its leather like brown ensemble demonstrates a heart, scroll markings, and flower design. On closer look you will find several other interesting designs on it. This is perfect to add some dazzle to your gothic outfit. Find it here!

Nautilus Octopus Ray Gun

With this you will have a combination of triggered operated lights and a spinning fan that will go with it and all of which is neatly wrapped up in a Nautilus Captain Nemo looking gun. From adding glory to your steampunk collection to handing it over to someone you know would absolutely love it as a gift, this is the product that will never fail you. Find it here!

Steampunk Styled Tesla Analog Watch

Elegance, charisma, and style all combines together to make this remarkable, Steampunk style analog watch from Tesla. The touch of the weathered brass looks on its metal parts, use of leather straps, and touch of tube style, light up vacuum further completes the look. Go ahead and turn the faux vacuum tubes on and off with the flick of a switch. Find it here!

Leather Casual Backpac

It is time to carry your stuff in style with this leather, eco-friendly, and waterproof backpack. The use of leather, spacious design, and touch of steampunk is enough for anyone to go ahead and buy it. Find it here!

Steampunk Apothecary Bottle Labels

Add some glory to your Halloween and decorate your home in an extra magnificent way. You can now avail a collection of remarkable, Steampunk design bottles and jar labels. Fill ordinary bottles with whatever you like and for the final touches place the label. Find it here!

Antique Finish Brass Telescope Spyglass Cane

This is our personal favorite. A product that has the potential to serve dual purpose and that too with unimaginable style and whole lot of Steampunk look. The handcrafted walking stick includes a beautiful and amazing hidden telescope in it. You can carry the beautiful, black antique finish walking stick with ease. Make this antique finish brass telescope spyglass cane your everyday companion. Find it here!

Men’s Black Tailcoat Jacket

You don’t need to wear a vest and a tailcoat style jacket every time you are headed somewhere special. This perfect item takes care of your appearance and gives you the Steampunk look that you are yearning for. The snap fastening features decorative and classic notched lapels. To offer maximum comfort the tailcoat jacket uses 97% cotton and 3% elastane mix. Find it here!

Steampunk Gas Goggles

You will definitely need more than a moment to stare at the beauty of the punk and gothic look of this Gas Goggles. From the look of the Goggles to the practicality that it offers, these lens with their outstanding design will make sure that your vision isn’t impaired while you look remarkable at the Halloween, costume, or punk party. Find it here!

Black Lace Gothic Necklace and Earrings Set

Wearing a great dress and pairing it up with matching shoes will simply not do the trick if you want to capture the punk look. Make room for this incredibly stylish and fashion forward choices that is a combination of Gothic necklace and earrings. The use of lace and metallic embellishments to decorate the necklace is exactly what you need. Find it here!

Steampunk Jewelry Cuff

The jewelry cuff with in brass has a blend of biker and gothic feel to it. This punk style, unisex piece of jewelry is ideal for capturing the vintage style in every party that you are heading towards. So, bring out the rocker that hides within you with this edgy, super stylish, completely adjustable cuff bracelet. Find it here!

Women’s Steampunk Fantasy Costume

The lace detailing on the stunning blue corset will make every girl drool over it. The cream-colored overskirt, touch of industrial cog print, and asymmetrical design is what makes it more gorgeous. Pair this dress with the boot tops and the pair of glovettes that comes with it. Rock the retro style look with this complete look. Find it here!

Steampunk Leather Top Hat Time Traveler


The fully functional, decorated clocks, along with the chains go perfectly well with the look of the steampunk hat. Crafted out of leather this top hat is for every man who wishes to travel back in time. You also have a say in the look of the watch along with the size of it. Choose something that matches your Steampunk and gothic attitude while offering you a trending look. Find it here!

Witch Light Sand Lantern

You can use this pendant for endless number of supernatural role-plays. Let the pendant shine brightly underneath the glass that is sealed with epoxy. The use of superior quality sand crystals that have the potential to shine transforms the whole look of the pendant. The dangling, glass bead at the bottom completes the look of the pendant further. The clasp closure and gunmetal rolo chain will help to keep the Witch Light Sand Lantern pendant in place. Find it here!

Demonia by Pleaser Women’s Daisy – 09 Mary Jane Flat

Leave behind your boring old shoes and get a hold of these flats that features exciting, Steampunk design. The buckled strap, round toe, and the gothic appeal to it makes it spectacular and bold while adding a steampunk vibe. Find it here!

Dark Forest Witches Steampunk Hat

Are you ready to dress up? What’s the occasion? Well, it can be anything from Halloween to birthday party and a date night at your favorite Goth themed club. There is no harm in dressing up is there? So, put on your clothes, do your makeup, and then place this small Steampunk styled hat on your head to dazzle everyone. Find it here!

Steampunk Bolt Action Pen

If you walk, talk, sleep, and even think Steampunk then you need everything there is to go with your style. The Steampunk Bolt Action Pen will do that job for you. The Parker style ink refill, elegant polish, classic finish, and detailing on it is rather breathtaking. Add this pen to your collection or gift it to someone you know would absolutely adore the style and look of it. Find it here!

Alchemy of England Steampunk Uncle Albert’s Timepiece Ear Cuff Earring Jewelry

The miniature version of the 13-hour, Lunar time fob watch with the touch of Victorian style detailing is something that you won’t be able to have enough of. Take a closer look and you shall see that this watch can brilliantly stay pinned on your ear with the presence of the detailed cuff. The chain connecting the cuff and the watch along with the presence of a spectacular looking key is what you are in need of. Find it here!

Third Eye Sunglasses

Ladies, it is time to awaken your mind and see the world through your third eye. The extraordinary design, amazing structure, and presence of non-tarnishing jewelry copper feel is up for grabs. Find it here!

Black Lace Bracelet

The adjustable pair of bracelets is something that you don’t come across every single day. The embellished copper and antique gold look display an array of patterns along with solid gemstone and adjustable ring. Find it here!

Steampunk Vortex Manipulator

The Vortex Manipulator with a significant twist and dash of interesting design is now available within the click of a button. The outer casing of the Steampunk Vortex Manipulator can be used as an accessory and will go perfectly well with your costume. The last manipulator is powered by 12-volt batteries and has a single blue LED on top. Find it here!

Steampunk Gauntlet Pneumatic Battle Fist

You now have a say about the finish of your brass plated Steampunk Gauntlet Pneumatic Battle Fist. Either enjoy the aged feel to it or get it polished. The choice is yours. The battery fist doesn’t restrict your movements; however, it will definitely make sure that you can swing your arm quite easily with it. Find it here!

Post Apocalyptic Jacket

The asymmetrical structure, handcrafted look, and use of faux leather helps this jacket to stand out. Find it here!

Custom Leather Hand Painted Doctor Bag

The blend of retro with the touch of modern, makes this hand painted doctor bag a sensational item. It is perfect for women of every age who wish to sport a stylish, trendy, and casual look. Find it here!

Steampunk LED Mask

The metallic tints and LED details have added a unique touch to the costume. With the best layout, it emits LED lights to your head and eyes. Get the mask in different colors. It’s designed for all men and women. Find it here!

These are some of the best options you have when it comes to shopping the Steampunk look.

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