These items must be on your Survival Gear list

When you are out to travel the world or engage in some adventurous thrill, there are certain things that you need to survive all kinds of situations. These are the materials that equip you to face any danger or difficulty. A survival kit basically contains all those extremely essential items that help you to battle out all difficult challenges and survive. It may include anything from certain clothing item to tool that will help you to protect yourself.  

Here are some of the items that should definitely be on the list of your survival gear.  

This is a must have in your survival kit if you are going for hiking or camping. It saves you from emergency situations when you are out in the open. This tent is made in a very lightweight manner so that you can carry it anywhere. It gives you the confidence to go out for an adventure trip and equips you well to face the natural elements. The material is extra resistant to tears and punctures to protect you well from all mishaps. Find it here

When you are going to be out in the extreme cold weather you need certain clothing to keep you warm. These electric heated socks are the best thing for you to warm your body in extremely cold and wet conditions. The heating pad insulates the foot and keeps your feet comfortable. The integrated heating element does not hurt your feet and also makes the heating process safer. These are equipped with rechargeable batteries so that you can use them anywhere.  Find it here

This is the ultimate guide on survival techniques. It will help guide you well to survive anywhere in any situation. This new edition also has a chapter dedicated to urban survival. It takes into account all possible unforeseen situations that you can land up in and has the solutions that could save you from them. You can find contents on how to prepare your survival kit, the things you need, the food that you must have or to avoid and the self-defence techniques you need to know. Find it here.  

It may be difficult to ignite fire in places of wet and humid conditions. Twigs and branches do not light until they are absolutely dry. Carrying this pocket-sized all-weather magnesium firestarter kit will help you to survive in such conditions easily by letting you light a fire anywhere in any condition. Just shave some of the magnesium bar into the pile and ignite the fire. You can use it a hundred times it the magnesium runs out. This is waterproof and weather proof and is extremely helpful. Find it here. 

This is a collection of trap lore that Ragnar Benson has brought together. You can get to know about the ways to build the best traps and how to ensure that they work. You can learn the tricks of a fish trap or a den trap from real life experiences and be careful about the things you need to avoid. Find it here.  

This Pacific Sky Power Turbine is portable and very easy to install and use. It can charge batteries and can also be used to power LEDs. These turbines are great to be carried on camping. Invest in one to include it in your survival kit and never run out of power while you are at remote places. Find it here. 

This is a multitool that you can use for each and every kind of needs like cutting fuse-wires or as a scraper. This is several tools combined into one to meet all your needs when you are out for camping in some unknown place. It can come handy for a lot of jobs at odd times and is a must have in your kit. Find it here

This is a complete field guide on North American varieties of edible plants with elaborate pictures to know each one of them. Each of the plants growing all over the land are categorised according to their growing seasons so that you are familiar with them while you are out on an adventure trip. You also get to know which of them are edible and how their poisonous look-alikes look like. Find it here.  

Whether you are navigating or just exploring the night sky, this glow in the dark bandana has all that can help you out. The foldable cotton bandana can fit into any backpack or pocket and can be carried almost everywhere. It shows all the constellations of the North America sky in summer and is the best sort of a guide you can have. Find it here. 

This book has been written survivalist expert Dave Canterbury who presents you with 101 tips to make you ready to survive in the wilderness next time when you seek out for adventure. It combines all the 5 C’s of survivability- covering, combustion devices, cutting tools, cordages and containers and offers valuable information and advices to help you develop survival skills. You can get to know the right things to choose for your kit to survive and protect yourself. Find it here

This is your personal alarm in an ultra-compact form that emits a 130-decibel high volume alarm once you pull the pin. Its well-designed construction allows you to use it as a tripwire or campsite alarm to keep you safe. This is truly a gem of a thing to be included in a survival kit. Find it here. 

This is a lifesaver to help you out in case of any danger. In an emergency, you can send an S.O.S. along with your GPS location. You can feed in contacts to let them know your exact location and help to find you. You can also immediately ask for help from professional organisations. Isn’t that simply a must-have? Find it here.  

These survival cards are sized as big as a credit card so that they fit into your wallet easily and can be carried everywhere along. Be prepared for all kinds of needs and situations. There are 4 kinds of cards packed into one- Wilderness Survival Card, Hostage Escape Card, Medical card and Fishermen Survival Card. While the last one can help you to fish on the go, the Medical Card is great for stitches and tick removal and the Hostage Escape card can be used to rope cutting and cuff escaping. Find it here. 

This is one survival necessity that helps you fill your stomach at odd places while you are camping somewhere. Just load your food into the tube cooking chamber and set it on the reflector to be cooked in less than half an hour. It is an absolutely safe thing to use and handle and is perfectly foldable for travel purposes. Find it here. 

Don’t be bogged down by icy cold hands when you are out in the freezing cold temperature. These battery-operated heating gloves can truly be a lifesaver. They have 3 heating systems that help them to stay warm for longer hours. It keeps your hands warm even when the temperature outside is freezing. They are the best companions for outdoor events in winter. Find it here. 

This is a Survival Crate from Acme that keeps you equipped with blades, fire, tools, ropes, entertainment and bandana to face all kinds of situations. These keep you prepared for all kinds of jobs no matter big or small. You will be surprised to see how handy these are most of the times. Find it here.  

You do not have to worry about drinking water in the open anymore if you have this microfilter with you. This Life Straw water filter is the smallest water filter that can be used like a straw to drink directly filtered water. It removes impurities, microplastic particles and 99.99% of the waterborne bacteria to save you from diseases while you are exploring the world. Find it here.  

Photography enthusiasts can now transform their normal phones and tablets into a thermal camera with this thermal sensor that can capture images at very low light even. You can now capture images of people and animals at dusk, dawn, night or over long distances with this powerful camera. Find it here.  

This is just the thing you need to charge your devices anywhere and at any time or any weather. Unlike solar panels, it does not depend on the sun. You can use it even in rain or fog which makes it so convenient for everyone. Just run it overnight to get fully charged batteries in the morning. Find it here

This solar battery charger recharges the batteries with solar power and is a great source of power generator while you are travelling or camping for long. This is not only highly powerful but also the most versatile battery charger you can get. Find it here. 

Finally, you have got to know about 20 essential items that can help you perform menial to the most challenging tasks and also protect yourself to survive in unknown lands and during unforeseen circumstances. They are a must have in your survival kit to arm you to face all challenges and dangers.  

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