The Dark Side of Gift Giving… Wink Wink ;)

Buying a gift for a loved one, colleague or a friend is not an easy task, especially if you care what that other person thinks or wants. This is why Gifteee shop was created, to give an inspiration and share with you amazing gift ideas and cool products. For those extreme cases that you don’t know what to buy, I “recommend…” 😉 using this method: Just … Continue reading The Dark Side of Gift Giving… Wink Wink 😉

Rocket Science Kit

People have been fascinated by rockets since the first ones were launched in China almost a thousand years ago. Now your kids can observe the principles at work behind rocketry with the Meteor Rocket Kit from Scientific Explorer. The kit contains everything rocketeers need to build a rocket and send it shooting to heights of 100 feet. Rather than using gunpowder or liquid fuel, the … Continue reading Rocket Science Kit

Damaged Screw Extractor Set

A Much Needed Tool for Anyone! As someone who constantly has to deal with projects with ruined screws by over powered screwing, rusted bolts and screw heads,snapped off bolts and a host of other issues, extractors are a much needed tool → Get it Now High Strength Steel: Made of durable hardened steel and tempered twice for extra hardness,promising you a long lasting screw extractor tool … Continue reading Damaged Screw Extractor Set

World Map — Scratch Edition

I love maps, but not just any boring maps, pretty much only maps that tell a story. Usually those are historical maps, but not in this case, the “Bucket list Map — Scratch Edition” is something else. It has amazing illustrations, many cool bits of info on each country and of course the fun scratching thing that allow you to tell your own story with this map. … Continue reading World Map — Scratch Edition

Chineasy — A creative way to learn Chinese

China is already a key player in our world, but for many of us it’s so far away for so many reasons, geography, culture, language and more… With this simple and ingenious method of “ChinEasy”, you can learn to read Chinese in no time, it’s essential for creating business opportunities and if you plan to travel to this far east gem sometimes in the future. … Continue reading Chineasy — A creative way to learn Chinese